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Merk: Samshield

Kleur: Black matt

Passionate about technology and innovation and driven by the passion to offer the most performing products, Samshield decided to create a stirrup bringing a real evolution in terms of safety, technicality, comfort, performance and design: the Shield’Rup.

When designing the Shield’Rup, the mission was to create a stirrup combining safety, technicality, comfort and performance. After years of study and research, the Shield’Rup is the result of the fusion of these requirements, wrapped in an innovative design.

Twisted leathers slot: Easy catching up when the stirrup is disengaged

Aeronautic aluminum and steel insert: Extreme resistance even when the branch is open

180° branch opening: The lateral branch systematically returns to its initial position in case of opening

Exchangeable treads: Two versions of treads: standard grip or extra grip (with spikes)

Inclined tread: Helping legs and heels to get a correct position for optimal stability and support

Elastomer seal under the tread: Excellent shock and vibration absorption for optimal comfort, perfect balance and rider’s joints protection

The lateral branch of the Shield’Rup opens in case of pressure during a fall. The cable and spring system allows the branch to open 180° and systematically return to its original position. Made with aeronautical aluminium and a steel insert, the Shield’Rup is very resistant, even when the branch is open.

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